OB2016 is a high performance and tightly integrated secondary side synchronous rectifier for switch mode power supply system. It drives a much lower voltage drop N-channel MOSFET to emulate the traditional diode rectifier at the secondary side of flyback converter, which can reduce heat dissipation, increases output current capability and efficiency, and simplify thermal design. It can support wide range of system output voltage 5V~15V.

It is suitable for multiple mode applications including discontinuous conduction mode (DCM), quasi-resonant mode (QR) and continuous conduction mode (CCM). Especially for CCM, to guarantee system reliability, super fast SR turn-off comparator and soft gate driver which can regulate Vds voltage to about -40mV regardless of Rdson of SR MOSFET  are used to reduce the whole propagation delay in SR turn-off control path to achieve more reliable operation.

To avoid the ring impact induced by parasitic elements, the innovative property ring detection is implemented on chip to prevent SR turn on falsely so that a reliable and noise free operation of the SR system is insured.

In addition, an on-chip error amplifier is built in OB2016, it can function as traditional TL431 to help regulate SMPS output voltage, which effectively simplify system design and save system cost.

OB2016 is offered in SOT23-6 package.



   Secondary-side synchronous rectifier for 5V~15V output system

   Power supply directly from system output voltage and no need for additional capacitor

   Suitable for DCM, QR and CCM operation

   On-chip error amplifier

   Accurate secondary side MOSFET Vds sensing

   Innovative property ring detection to avoid the ring impact induced by parasitic elements

   Soft gate driver

   UVLO protection



   AC/DC 5V~15V chargers/adaptors

   Low voltage rectification circuits