OB2107 is a High voltage hysteresis mode Buck converter. The input voltage can be as high as 80V and the output voltage is programmable by external resistor divider. It delivers up to 200mA load current with excellent line and load transient response. With On-Bright patented control scheme, OB2107 works with a wide input and output range with a minimum number of external components.


OB2107 automatically adjusts the switching frequency based on the output power. It provides output short circuit protection, over temperature protection, under voltage lock-out and cycle by cycle over current protections. When output short circuit happens, OB2107 enters hiccup mode until short circuit condition is released, which greatly saves the energy loss and avoid the chip overheating. OB2107 provides soft startup control to avoid inrush output current.


OB2107 is provided with SOT23-6 package.


  • Wide input voltage range (5.5V to 80V)

  • Wide output voltage range (programmable by external resistor divider)

  • Up to 200mA output current

  • Excellent line and load transient response

  • Minimum number of external components

  • Output short-Circuit protection

  • Over temperature protection

  • Cycle-by-cycle over current protection

  • Under voltage lock-out



  • LED lighting

  • Portable device

  • Motor driver