OB3368 is a highly integrated high performance LED driver that is optimized for LCD backlight application. It integrates a boost driver and 8 channels of current balancer that optimized to drives multi LED arrays, and thus provides a high performance LED backlight solution with minimized BOM count.
OB3368 contains a PWM boost driver which uses current mode control and fixed frequency operation. The operation frequency can be programmed by setting external resistor value at RI pin. The OB3368 integrates 8 channels current balancer with up to 160mA current capability per channel and it can achieve ±3% matching accuracy among LED strings. The minimum voltage of current source is regulated to as lower as 450mV so that it benefits the efficiency and improves the IC thermal performance.
OB3368 supports external PWM dimming and internal burst dimming mode which allow flexible control of the backlight luminance. The LED current is directly modulated by external PWM duty cycle when PWM dimming mode is selected. The LED current can be adjusted by an external DC voltage when internal burst dimming mode is selected.
OB3368 is offered in 28-pin HSOP package.


■ 10V gate drive, better MOS compatibility
■ High Efficiency and Compact Size
■ 6V to 40V Input Voltage Range
■ ±3% Matching Accuracy Between 8 LED Strings Control Current
■ 100KHz~600KHz Operating Frequency
■ Internal/External PWM Dimming
■ Very Low Standby Power
■ Programmable Over Voltage Protection
■ Under Voltage Lockout(UVLO)
■ Open/Short LED Protection
■ Thermal Shutdown


■ LCD Monitor
■ Flat panel display