The OB3372 is a high power dual output LED driver optimized for large size LED backlighting application. It integrates two independent boost converters, providing a high performance and high reliability LED backlighting solution.
It incorporates two boost converters operating in current mode PWM control at fixed frequency. The operation frequency is programmed from 100 kHz to 600 kHz by setting an external resistor at RT pin.
The OB3372 can be configured for Master-Slave operation to support multi-channel applications. The voltage across LED current sense resistor is regulated to about 570mV to reduce power loss and improve efficiency.
The external PWM dimming mode is supported. The PWM dimming signal is injected externally from DIM pin.
The OB3372 offers comprehensive protection such as power MOSFET over current protection (OCP), output over voltage protection (OVP), IC power supply under voltage lockout (UVLO), and LED open & short protection.


■ High Power Dual Output PWM Control
■ 8V to 35V InputVoltageRange
■ Master/Slave Synchronization Capability
■ Programmable 100kHz~600kHz Operation Frequency
■ Programmable Slope Compensation
■ External PWM Dimming Mode
■ Over Voltage Protection
■ Over Current Protection
■ Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO)
■ LED Open Protection
■ LED Short Protection


■ LCD Monitor
■ Flat panel display